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Gas assisted moulding

SPM is among the first companies to be equipped with the know-how for the development of these now very popular injection moulding technologies such as air-moulding; in fact, the company’s first important applications date back to 1994.
SPM has equipped all its presses for “Gas Assisted Moulding” (also known as Air Moulding or GAIM (Gas Assisted Injection Moulding), from the small 40 tonne press to the enormous 6,000 tonne press..

This moulding solution is used for many of the parts produced, with significant advantages:

  • Materials savings
  • Lighter weight parts
  • Cycle time savings
  • Elimination of suction
  • Reduction of injection pressure
  • Reduction of clamping force

GAIM allows greater design freedom and walls with different thicknesses.
During the moulding cycle, gas (nitrogen) is introduced in order to “empty” parts inside.

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