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paguroRe-Life® technology summarizes in a single term all the SPM know-how, in terms of technology and materials, which allows waste material to live again.

Re-Life® would like to point out “to live again”, “to return to live”.

At the same time, the Re-Life® term has a double meaning, as the syllable “RE” is separated from “LIFE” by the “-“ because it represents the initial syllable of “Recycle”. Recycling is the backbone of the technology that allows to give life (“Life”) to new products by recycling plastic materials.

We have chosen the hermit crab as a symbol, thinking that in nature it is an animal symbol of recycling, since it recovers empty disused shells and makes them their home.

With the Re-Life® technology “SPM Recycling Technology” we have developed technopolymers with polymers from recycling of scraps and industrial waste.

Re-Life® allows you to create environmentally friendly products because they are obtained by recycling;

Re-Life® is not limited only to not using new fossil resources but even “cleans up” the system from industrial scraps and scraps that go back to being usable raw material;

The product life remains that typical of polymers, therefore is long-lived compared that of other materials (there are less emissions for a long-lived product, since are reduced the number of times that it will be re-produced);

The recyclability remains exactly the same as for all plastics.

The achieved goal is to obtain “eco-friendly” products, without compromises for aesthetic quality and mechanical performance.

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