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SPM has a large machine fleet for the moulding of plastic material, consisting of cutting-edge presses from 40 to 6,000 tonnes (Largest injection press in the world), many of which support two and three colours. The production plant of the SPM Plastic Division has the most advanced systems technology for its presses.

In addition to ensuring high production capacity, SPM moulding can be performed with many materials, from the most common to the most technical, such as: PP (Polypropylene) – PE (Polyethylene) – ABS (Acrylonitrile/Butadiene/Styrene) – PMMA (Poly(methyl methacrylate)) – PC (Polycarbonate) – PETG (Polyetylene terephthalate glycol) – SAN (Styrene/Acrylonitrile) – PA (Polyamide) – PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) – PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) – PPE (Polyphenylene ether) and many others.
SPM converts both natural materials and filled materials with a variety of fillers: glass fibre, glass spheres, carbon fibre, mineral fillers, etc.

SPM has latest-generation lines for the management of the raw materials, from dehumidification to handling and dosing.

These moulding technologies are used:

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