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Made in Italy” is a commercial brand that indicates that a product is completely designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy. According to a market study performed by KPMG, “Made in Italy” is the third most popular brand in the world. The phrase “Made in Italy” was spread above all during the 1980s, during a process to re-value and defend the Italian origin of products, in order to fight the forgery of Italian hand-crafted and industrial products, especially in the four traditional markets: fashion, food, furnishings and engineering.
In Italian, these are known as the “Four A’s”:

  • FOOD

Over the years, Italian products have gained enormous fame abroad, for their quality (both in terms of construction and durbility), attention to detail, and the strong  innovation, engineering, and taste content. “Made in Italy” is associated with quality, specialization, differentiation, elegance and tradition. Since 1999, the phrase “Made in Italy” has started to be protected by associations such as the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers and to be regulated by national law. The brand “Made in Italy” has become fundamental for Italian exports and is recognized throughout the world level as a self-standing commercial category. In addition to the four basic markets, handicrafts and industry, also the Italian Chemical Industry has always played a primary role, especially in the field of plastics. Everything started in 1954 when Giulio Natta discovered Isotactic Polypropylene and in 1963 won the Nobel Price along with the German Karl Ziegler, thanks to a series of patents and studies on polymers. With this discovery, polypropylene was produced in 1957 under the brand name “Moplen”, revolutionizing all the homes in the world, and becoming part of Italy’s celebrated “Economic Boom”. The “new” material took over the daily life and imagination of millions, in the kitchen, in the living room, allowing the masses to access consumer goods that were previously reserved for the privileged few. These new products simplified daily tasks, made home brighter, and revolutionized solid century-old customs, all contributing to creating the “modern life style”.

Over the past years, thanks to in-depth research and continuous evolution, plastic has been affirmed in increasingly more sophisticated and unimaginable applications (for example, clinical laboratory equipment, space helmets used by astronauts, contact lenses, and bullet-proof shields). The birth and evolution of plastics has led to the parallel development of the technology for transforming plastics into products. This development has involved the entire production process, both for the materials for processing the polymers and for the equipment, where moulds play a very important role. Many companies were established, have grown, and have developed thanks to the global revolution brought about and sustained by the large scale diffusion of polymers. SPM is one of these companies. Since its founding in 1978, it has always maximized the value of plastic, looking to take it to its highest expression thanks to the meticulous design of parts and moulds, moulding components of the highest quality and care. As the years passed, the level has increased thanks to the results of the intense research and development activities of the entire market that have been continuously, unendingly driving the market forward for decades. The raw materials have evolved, as have the manufacturing technology for moulds and the conversion technology for the polymers. SPM has always invested in the construction of its know-how, that is why it designs parts and equipment, 100% in-house, touching on all fields (engineering parts, mould building, moulding, surface finishing) and allowing the company to offer its customers innovative and exclusive customer solutions, conceived, designed and completely built in Italy.
That is why SPM can proudly boast of being the best of “Made in Italy”!

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