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History and Growth

SPM was founded in 1978 while the Italian Plastics Market was going through an economic and application boom that that paved the way for the development of technologies and materials.
The corporate DNA of SPM lies in the design and construction of moulds for plastic materials. This forms the basis for the vertical and, above all, horizontal growth such as the production of articles in plastic materials, until the company added services like assembly and logistics, which are essential services today.

The grown of a successful company like SPM can be attributed to the meticulous analysis of market trends, as well as the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of its personnel.
Knowing the direction in which a market segment is turning, anticipating the requirements and needs, means investing in research and development, as well as in technological modernization. This is the corporate strategy of SPM.

Today, SPM is a growing, solid, multiple disciplinary group made up of men and women with specific skills. They are the true soul of the company, the heritage on which faith for the future is placed.

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