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Evolution and development are the elements with which SPM reached an international scale, becoming a leader in the design and construction of moulds for the production of thermoplastic, thermoset, rubber and light alloy parts and in moulding of plastic materials for third parties with high-tech.

The SPM production cycle and know-how ensure full service capable of meeting both the most daring requests and aiming to create something new. Something that has never been thought of or built. With this pioneering approach, SPM continues to assist engineers and designers, seeking to offer “non-conventional”, technologically advanced solutions. The search for innovative production techniques and moulding of plastic material finishes has led SPM to be a benchmark in the Mould and Moulding Industry, admired for its reliability, quality, timing and creativity.

The philosophy of evolution that SPM has followed over the past 40 years in business has naturally broadened its scope, allowing its customer to be supported by a solid supplier, capable of offering top expertise in: co-design, engineering, designing, mould building, pre-series testing, moulding, die casting, surface finishes, assemblies and logistics.

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