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Metal replacement using high-performance technopolymers is a popular, sought-after trend by engineers and designers. Metal Replacement, i.e. replacing metal alloys with high-performance technopolymers has become a solution offering limitless scope.  Market segments such as Automotive, Engineering, Electrics and Electronics, Food, Industrial and Hydraulic machines have for some time focused on using Metal Replacement to meet their technical needs.

Aware of what the beginning of the 21st century would be like, SPM has always invested in research and development, anticipating the evolution and change of customer demands. This has ranged from improvements in appearance to cost reduction without sacrificing the physical/structural characteristics of the parts to be produced. Materials, processes, and expertise are the cornerstones upon which SPM has conducted its research that, along with significant experience, has led to brilliant results and business opportunities for its customers.

Thanks to this spirit and to the dedication of the SPM staff, today the company offers the market new “Technological Equipment” called EXTIMO®. This is an enormous jump forward. EXTIMO® evokes its function properties of extremely tough structural mechanical resistance due to a moulded part with technology capable of substituting a  metal part, offering comparable structural functional performance.

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